From the Horse's Mouth

A solo exhibition by Lisette Chavez

Exhibited at Freight Gallery & Studios- curated by Liz Paris
April 11, 2020 - May 9, 2020

San Antonio, Texas  2020

More coming soon...

Blind Devotion

Medium: Graphite & color pencil
Dimensions:  16" x 20"

Year: 2018

Exhibited at Remarque Gallery for Flatline- 2D & the New Depthiness curated by Ren Adams

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2018

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Unholy Roller

Medium: Graphite & charcoal drawing
Dimensions:  16" x 20"

Year: 2018 

Exhibited at Blue Star Contemporary in conjunction with San Antonio's Tricentennial
Common Currents Exhibition

San Antonio, Texas  2018

I to My Beloved and My Beloved to Me

Medium: Graphite & charcoal drawing
Dimensions:  16" x 20"

Year: 2017

Commissioned by the City of San Antonio 
Collection of City of San Antonio
Exhibited at Culture Commons Gallery -St. Anthony's Lost & Found Exhibition

San Antonio, Texas  2018

Deliver Us from Evil

Medium: Assemblage with graphite drawing
Dimensions:  25 1/4"  x 15 1/4" x 44"

Year: 2017 

Centro de Artes
"A Woman's Place is..." curated by Kathy Vargas 
San Antonio, Texas  


How You Remember Me, How I Remember Me 

Medium: Graphite and digital painting (diptych)
Dimensions:  16"x 8"
Year: 2016